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KineMaster Pro APK for Android Latest 2020:– Hey, what’s app guys. On this website, we share KineMaster Pro APK. if you are doing a lot of video making on TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. then you very well know this app. It is one of the Popular and Most rated apps because it provides a lot of advanced features that a normal video editing app can’t provide.We also use recommend this video app for professional video editing, also a lot of popular YouTubers use KineMaster Pro Apk for their Video editing. The Main Reason is that it is really easy to use and even a beginner can use this app to edit videos.

KineMaster Pro

  • ‎▶ NO Watermark !!
  • ‎▶ 4K Video Editing
  • ▶ Edit Videos Professionally
  • ‎▶ Unlocked Transitions and Animation effects
  • ‎▶ Export video in 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc.
  • ▶ Multi-Layer Video Editing
  • ‎▶ All Premium Features Unlocked
  • ▶ All Media Format Supported
  • ▶ Premium - KineMaster Pro Apk
  • ▶ Advanced Premium Features

KineMaster Pro

KineMaster Pro is FREE a free video editing app. It provides you all the advanced tools and features. Like some of the features are really mind-blowing, you can remove the background and change it easily like removing background by applying green screen. This feature is known for the PC but KineMaster has these awesome features.

You can add 3-D Transitions effects in the video, this allows you to apply 3-D effects and the video will look cool. It also has Awesome animation effects, you can apply animation between the video clips and apply animation to make the video more attractive. Also, it has a lot of other features like Chroma Key, Multi-Layer, Transitions, Adding multiple videos, etc. We will explain all the features later on.

NEW KineMaster v4.12 =>

What's NEW

  • Expanded Text Settings
  • Chroma key for Image Layers also
  • Insert Frame
  • Audio Reverb
  • & Much More 😉

Download KineMaster Pro Apk 😜

APK Name KineMaster Pro Apk
Size 75.5MB
Version 4.12 [Latest Version]
Android Required 4.1+
Installs 100,000,000+
Rating 4.4
Developer KineMaster Corporation
Last Updated 26 January 2020
APK Type KineMaster Pro – Premium Unlocked APK
Version - 4.8 Supports all Devices [100% Working]

How To Install KineMaster Pro APK:

You don’t worry about the installation of KineMaster Pro apk because it is really simple and easy to install it in your android device, after downloading the Apk file. Just follow the steps given below and just in few seconds KineMaster PRO Apk will be installed in your android smartphone.

You are manually installing this apk so, just follow these few steps, and Pro Version of KineMaster Apk will be installed

Before installing the apk, make sure to enable "Unknown Sources"to enable:

Go to Settings -> Select security option -> Touch on it and enable “Unknown Source”
  • Now, open the "Kinemaster Pro" Apk file
  • Then Click on "Install".
  • After, installation is completed.
  • Now, Open KineMaster Pro Apk 😜
  • Now guys you successfully installed the Latest version of KineMaster Pro APK in your android smartphone. Now you can open and enjoy the Pro app in your android device. We have provided this pro apk for FREE !!. The best part is that you can now enjoy all the premium features of this app.

    PRO Features of KineMaster Mod Apk:

    As we are providing the Pro version of this Apk, so it has a lot of extra and premium features. Here, We providing the KineMaster Pro Apk for FREE !!!. So, you should also know the premium features that you are getting with the Modded version. We mentioned below the premium features that you will get.

    • NO Watermark
    • All the Premium Features !!
    • 4K Video editing
    • All media formats are supported
    • NEW Features are unlocked
    • More premium filters and transitions
    • Export in any of quality – 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc.

    Now, guys, we have provided you the features information of this app so you can download the Pro MOD version of this apk. Just see below and you will get the links to download, after downloading install it by reading the guide given below.

    Features of KineMaster Mod Apk

    Chroma Key

    It is one of the popular features of this app. Chroma key is used to change the background of the video. It is a really advanced feature, usually, this advanced feature is found in PC Softwares. By applying the green screen in the video you can change your video’s background in any way you want. Marvel movies use this technique to edit the movie, it makes your video look more professional by changing the background. This feature is really useful for shooting professional videos for youtube so, that you can easily remove the background from your videos and also can change it.


    To make your video more attractive it really needs to add some animation effects. So there are a lot of animation effects available in the KineMaster Pro APK to apply animation between the video. You will find multiple animation effects in store of kinemaster pro apk, you can use these animations while editing the video and make you video elements in amination. Animating things in the videos is a really professional feature that normally PC software can do. But kinemaster provides these great features to you. Also, you can download more effects from the store.


    You can add multiple layers in the video like you can add images, audio, gif, photos, overlays, animations, etc. at the same time. Add multiple layers makes your video more awesome because you can able to add multiple things at the same time. You can also adjust the settings of all the layers like size, timing, etc. Multi layering provides you the freedom to attach files in the video and can show them on the screen easily like you can add images, also you can add videos on the video.


    This feature is just wonderful, you can add up to 8 tracks at the same time in the video by using the multi-track feature. You will get a studio-like feel while editing video. Combine the tracks and you can make awesome music for songs and music. This feature provides you an amazing environment to make music videos, you will feel like a studio and add tracks and can edit them together.

    Voice Recording

    Now you don’t have to record audio separately, KineMaster provides you to add voice-over from the app itself. Just record the voice and apply it in the video. It is really hard to record an audio clip separately and attach it to with the video SO, kinemaster gives you this feature to record audio in the app itself. That’s it !!

    Features of KineMaster Pro APK:

    • Edit video professionally
    • Really easy to edit videos for beginners
    • Change the background of the video.
    • Edit videos in 4K resolution ⚡
    • Supports all the video formats 1080p,720p, 480p, etc.
    • Cut, trim, split, the video clips ✂️
    • 3-D Transitions effects
    • A lot of animation effects to add
    • Add HD images in between the video
    • Muti-layer editing is also supported
    • Record voice direct from the app and add to the video
    • Put audio track in the video
    • Chroma Key is also present
    • A lot of visual effects is available

    These are the highlighting features of KineMaster Pro Apk. Overall it provides all the advanced professional video editing features. That’s why it is the TOP video editing app for android device and also a lot of YouTubers recommend this app

    Why KineMaster?

    KineMaster is the best application in the play store available for video editing. This application has all the advanced level features that are not found in any other video editing app. A lot of YouTubers use this app for editing their videos and grown their youtube channel a lot. It provides you features that are available in advanced PC Softwares, but with KineMaster Pro you can do that level of editing with your Android device. It is a lot easier to use as compare to any other app. Even if you are a beginner then you can easily use it to edit your videos. Also here we are providing the Pro version of this app, which allows you to edit videos with NO Watermark, Premium features. So go ahead and download this KineMaster Pro apk.


    • Can I edit videos in 4K?
    • Yes, you can edit videos in 4K without any issue, but make sure that your phone also supports 4K
    • Is this the Pro version of KineMaster?
    • Yes, this is the KineMaster PRO Apk.
    • What is the advantage of Pro Apk?
    • You will get extra and more advanced features as compared to free apk
    • Which is the Latest Version of KineMaster Pro APK?
    • v4.12 is currently the latest version – Download (v4.12)
    • How to Download KineMaster Lite Apk?
    • To Download Lite Apk - Download Kinemaster Lite


    So, guys, we have provided you all the information related to KineMaster Pro Apk. You can download the apk from the given links. As you know that you can edit videos professionally from the android by using this app also so, you don't worry about that. All the features are explained here. This app has also the free version in the play store but we are here providing you the KineMaster PRO Apk.

    Thanks for visiting and keep visiting for New updates.😜

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